On a recent episode 3 of boxer AdrienBroner’s web-based reality show “About Billions” Allen Iverson made an unexpected guest appearance on it. Broner and crew, the current WBA welterweight champion of the world runs into Iverson the former NBA superstar in a nightclub as they were carousing in Atlanta, and some solemn strangeness arose.

On the show Iverson’s cameo was brief, with the former NBA star talking about how he wants to play Russian Roulette. He didn’t really sound like he was joking.

The two athletes exchange some early inaudible banter before Iverson asked Broner that “You wanna play?” Because “I’m ready to play Russian Roulette.”

Broner then asked him, “Fully loaded pistol?”

Which seemed to excite Iverson even more, Iverson responded emphatically “Damn sure ready to play Russian Roulette.”


Then the two shared a few laughs and Iverson signed off with a weird message about how Broner’s the real deal. Simply put, he didn’t appear to be at a good place in his life mentally and the show cuts to a clip of Iverson by himself looking morose.

The gloomy Allen Iverson stories keep on coming. Iverson reportedly owes $40,000 in unpaid child support and was lately charged of kidnapping his own children. His life after basketball does not seem like it’s going fine. When he was talking about playing Russian Roulette, maybe he either was joking and/or drunk for the reason that he made it seems like he would have played if somebody handed him a gun. And if that’s the case, he might have to some specialized player help.


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